It’s time for a change

It's time for a change

Our mission is clear, bring sustainable and transparent long-term benefits to our customers

When you become part of the Driving Down community, you access a wide range of buying expertise and assistance, with the reassurance that you have a team in your business’ corner, ready to help you buy better.

Adam and Mark the Driving Down Founders providing honest advice

Our Founders

Our founders, Adam Walsh and Mark Kilvington, have significant expertise in the downstream oil and energy industries, having a combined experience of more than 40 years in these sectors. Having run several businesses, led disposals and invested in start-ups they have experienced the positives, and sometimes less commendable, aspects how the industries have developed over the years.

This led to the creation of Driving Down and the desire to find a new way to do business; transparent; honest and ultimately to the mutual benefit of all partners, customers and their employees – something that they both felt was lacking in the industries they were operating in the latter years of their careers

Thanks for your interest in Driving Down and what we as a company stand for. We hope you see something you like and resonates with how you want to do business.

It’s been an interesting journey getting here and the reaction from partners and customers alike has been overwhelming.

We’re here to support hard working businesses, by taking away the time consuming, and often expensive, need to manage fuel card and fleet suppliers. And we’ll do all this is an honest, transparent and clear way. I’m a strong believer in doing what’s right and looking after the UK’s businesses.

Doing the right thing is part of the ethos which flows through our business and with our partners.

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How much free time do you have?

How often do you get to review the products and services that you need for your business? Or re-evaluating the suppliers you’ve already got?

Managing these services and negotiating new contracts takes you away from being able to run your business. We can save you time and money by managing these services for you and driving down the costs to your business.

How it Works