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Five Minute Focus with CC Performance

...... with Chris Crosthwaite In this episode we caught up with Chris from CC Performance and Abby again joined us from Valley Marketing In this focus, we looked at what is the real experience for businesses in a post lock down UK. With many workers yet to return the the workplace full time and some still working on flexible terms we chatted about [...]

Core and Non-Core Filling Stations

Core & Non-Core Networks If you use that site it will be this price, but if you use this site it will be this price & if you use that site on a Tuesday with the full moon out and it’s Autumn it will be another. Fuel card pricing structures can be overly complicated, nothing is more complicated than core/ bunker and non-core/non bunker networks. [...]

What are the differences between weekly fixed fuel and pump price, when it comes to fuel card accounts?

There are two common types of fuel card pricing; weekly fixed price and pump price.  Here we take a deeper look at the difference between them and the pro’s and con’s of both. Weekly Fixed Fuel Prices This is the most common type of fuel card account in the UK and is a fixed weekly priced fuel card and offers its users the same price [...]

Five minute focus………

...... with Amy Milchard We caught up with Amy from Desk. Space and Pink Spaghetti  and Abby from Valley Marketing In this focus, we discuss the changes that have happened in the workplace and the pros and cons to working from home. We also look at how businesses were given the chance to reassess their procedures to identify and change big costs. We [...]

Why fuel card prices on emails don’t count (when you’re not already a customer!)

When it comes to fuel cards it’s fairly common practice when a new supplier is trying to win your business, for the last six to twelve weeks of their fuel card prices to be sent through to you on email. This email contains the networks they can supply (Shell, BP, Keyfuels etc) and then the price that, they say, you would have paid that week. Nothing [...]

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Great service to turn round an…
Great service to turn round an emergency Adblue bulk delivery without 24hours.
Our existing supplier couldn’t deliver and Adam’s team stepped in to resolve at short notice and at a cheaper rate.
Very helpful and knowledgeable team.