Driving down your carbon footprint

Whether you’re right on top of the details of your business’ carbon footprint or new to the idea of reducing your business’ environmental impact, Driving Down is here to help. You can choose to offset anywhere between 10% to 100% of your emissions when you work with Driving Down and our partners.

Any positive action your business can take contributes to the reduction in emissions and helps to tackle this global issue. Offsetting helps by funding an equivalent CO2 saving elsewhere and unlike other green initiatives, it’s relatively simple, with no other changes to your business practices / vehicles etc being required.

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Driving Down the Costs on the Environment

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  • Range of offset schemes

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Example Schemes from our Carbon Offset Portfolio
Examples of Carbon Schemes infographic

Why carbon offset with Driving Down?

Driving Down has partnered with a number of leading companies in the world of carbon offset. Via our partners we can access a wide range of offsetting projects, designed to reduce and prevent CO2 emissions sustainably.

A key area for us is the offsetting of ‘on road miles’, where we can help offset either the carbon from your direct emissions (i.e when you burn the fuel in the vehicle) or indirect emissions (i.e. the whole fuel production/transport process).

But that doesn’t mean we can’t help with offsetting your wider business’ carbon footprint, and we work with a number of businesses to do just that. Here we tend to look in terms of tonnes of carbon and we can help calculate your footprint to work out what you can offset.

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What do you get in return? 

You will receive regular carbon reduction reports and certification.

Taking any sort of step to offset your carbon emissions is a really positive thing for the environment, your business and the wider community. So we think it’s important that you share the steps you’ve taken to reduce your impact, so remember to share on your website, social media etc your certification when it arrives with you.

We’re also super transparent about the cost of doing this, there’s no hidden charge or fee for us to analyse your business. You provide us with some details and we do the rest.