Fixed Price Fuelling

Are your variable overheads ruining your profit? Ever had a contract that was making a good margin, only to find that rising fuel cost has eroded away all that hard earned cash? We’ve all been there.

We are aware of a wide range of customers, who due to the way they quote in advance for jobs, have previously had to take an ‘educated guess’ of what their fuel costs might be. When you’re working on fixed margins with your customers, you want to fix as many of your overheads as possible and as a Driving Down member, you can do that with your fuel expenditure.

Driving Down the Costs of Fuel

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We can fix both fuel card diesel and bulk fuel prices. All we need is a few details and then we work with our partner to fix your fuel price, and what’s more…There’s no up-front cost.

It’s a simple process:

You tell us what volume of fuel you want to fix per week.

You tell us how long, and when, you want to fix for (it could be anywhere up to 12 months in advance).

We give you a price and we agree a fix.

If you’re already a fuel card member, we apply this to your cards straight away. Otherwise, administration is quick and you’re off and running.

At the end of each month, you get billed for the amount you’ve decided to fix, plus any additional drawings you may have used on your fuel card (if applicable).

Site back and relax, you know exactly what your fuel card cost are

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