Fuel Management Partner

As your fuel card partner we can provide an intervention service that provides a price monitoring and proactive management service which helps you to manage the deal of your fuel card account with your existing supplier.

Simply send us a copy of your latest  invoices and we will advise if you should be getting a better, more honest package from your current provider. It is that simple – there is no catch, if we can save you money we will help you to do it!

Driving Down the Costs of Fuel

Join us today and Start SAVING!!!!!


Simply send us a copy of your latest invoices and we will see if you should be getting a better deal from your current provider. We then contact your supplier and use our intervention process to negotiate a better deal on your behalf…..

  • Speak directly with your current supplier on your behalf and get your pricing to a competitive and sustainable level
  • Scrutinise your invoices to check for fees and surcharges that you didn’t agree to or don’t need and get them removed
  • Continue to track the price movements of your supplier, and intervene if they don’t follow the market
  • Monitor weekly prices to keep it at a competitive rate
  • Check if they have changed your agreement without informing you
  • Make sure your fuel card users are buying in the most effective way, then giving you that feedback to help your drivers
  • Provide you with regular updates on our activity

More benefits with fuel card intervention…

  • Free up your time to do what you do best, run your business.
  • You don’t need to employ anyone to do this or rely on your accountant to spot something. Simply utilise our teams 70+ years’ experience in fuel cards to your benefit.
  • No other changes to your business practices / vehicles etc is needed
  • No need to switch supplier…..unless they’re not willing to co-operate and look after your business.

If your current supplier doesn’t want to keep your business at a sustainable level… we can offer our switch service with one of our trusted fuel card partners and get your business buying on a better deal

Our invoice comparison service is free!

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We provide a fuel card price tracking service that monitors against the market data to ensure you are paying the most competitive rate, now and forever.

Driver behaviour analysis to ensure drivers are using the cards to their most cost effective ways and avoid add on fees from your supplier.

All fuel card and fleet negotiations for your business. If you get contacted by anyone prospecting a service you are interested in, direct them to us and we will take care of the deal for you at any point throughout the year.

Fee protection review, every single month we analyse your invoices and track any hidden fees or charges or increases on your account & if any are spotted we negotiate to get them removed.

And we do this all in the background whilst you continue to grow your business, safe in the knowledge that Driving Down are working hard to help you to buy better