Fuel Cards

As an expert in fuel cards in the UK, we know what a good fuel card price looks like and so we will always display our fuel card prices on our website. This is because we’ve nothing to hide. We don’t put “prices on emails”, we don’t send attractive “fishing prices”.

Our approach is clear. We tell you the maximum you should be paying, regardless of brand or network. Then our job is to then help you find the right network for your business. Our fuel card offers sustainable low prices across the majority of the UK forecourts, for the long term.

Driving Down the Costs of Fuel

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Are you using, BP, Shell, Keyfuels, Esso, Texaco, or UK Fuels for your fuel cards?
Do you struggle to see any connection between the current market fuel price per litre and what your fuel card provider is charging?

Does it look like you are being ripped off?

Check to see if you are paying more than the fuel card prices shown below…. if the answer is yes,  then a membership with Driving Down and our approved fuel card partners can save you money!

119.6p litre (+vat)

Or less for Diesel on your UK Fuels Card

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119.6p per litre (+vat)

Or less for Diesel on your Keyfuels Fuel Card

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119.8p per litre (+vat)

Or less for Diesel on your Texaco Fuel Card

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120.0p per litre (+vat)

Or less for Diesel on your BP Fuel Card

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119.80p per litre (+vat)

Or less for Diesel on your Shell Fuel Card

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Our promise to our customers is complete transparency. We publish our prices clearly on our website and social media, so a member of Driving Down will always know that they are getting a good price.

For too long, businesses across the UK have been offered a benefit (does “discounts of 6 to 10 pence per litre” sound familiar?) only to realise that in the space of only a few weeks, their new fuel cards are not delivering what was promised.

Price increases, new fee charges, surcharges for using a premium product… the list could go on. Fuel cards should be a simple, transparent and most of all useful tool for businesses to manage their fuel spend. That’s it.

We save our members £3,225 per year

That would be the equivalent of 19,668 FREE miles in a transit van

A fuel price guaranteed to follow the oil market

FREE fuel cards for the life of the account. A typical saving of £12 per fuel card per year.