How does Driving Down's Service work?

Step 1: Our service all starts with a free cost analysis. We look into what you are paying compared to the current market price.

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Step 2: Our team then gets to work to identify if you are being charged too much by your current provider. We review your fees, charges and admin costs.

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Step 3: We will then get in touch to talk you through where you could be buying better. We then contact your current provider and renegotiate your deal.  If they refuse to offer you an honest deal we can can even switch you to the new supplier and take care of all the administration.

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Ongoing: We then monitor the supplier and make sure they’re delivering. If we notice a supplier is not delivering what’s expected, we will get in touch regarding your range of options. If you decide to change, then after that you don’t need to do a thing, because with Driving Down we do it for you.

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Our support doesn’t stop there

Any solution that we help our customers take advantage of will bring value to their business. Of that, we’re 100% confident.

But to achieve the real value from our service, it’s about the long term; by having a sustainable partnership where your business is backed by a team of industry experts, helping you to buy better consistently.

You might prefer a lighter touch relationship; where we help you from a distance, organising deals and then letting you get on. Or you might choose a more integrated relationship where you get a dedicated partner to help you navigate many of the interactions between you and your suppliers. The choice really is yours.

Regardless of which way works best for you, one thing you can be sure of, we’ll never stop working on behalf of our customers to help them buy better.