What we care about

What we care about

Most companies will say lots of things about what they care about and what they stand for. And most of what we’ve read sounds like a nonsense; written by a marketing department desperate to bulk out their website’s Corporates Social Responsibility page.

You’ll notice we don’t have one of those… because at Driving Down we walk our talk and are guided by our Charter. Want to put us to the test? I think you’ll find we’re up to the challenge.


Our Charter

We will:

Put the customer first
If a deal doesn’t work for us; our customers and our partners, then we don’t do the deal.

Pay Fair

Our highest paid person will never receive more than x6 in salary than our lowest paid.

Think Socially
We’ll nurture an inclusive and diverse team, reflecting our local society. And support charities where we can.

Not take ourselves too seriously
Balance work with life, having and keeping healthy.

Embrace Change
We will keep up to speed with the latest developments and improvements across the markets in which we operate, and when we find something worth sharing, we will bring that to the attention of our customers, staff and partners.


  • We provide honest support for hard working businesses – we don’t hide behind jargon or small print we are up front about of services and costs
  • We listen to our customers.
  • We always give you good advice on your deals – Gaining your trust is massive deal to us
  • We put our customers needs before ours – Try us for free for 30 days


  • We are always transparent about our prices
  • We will provide independent industry advice on your prices. If you have a better price than we can get you – we will tell you
  • We will call out the rip off prices in the industry
  • You will always save more than we charge – so put us to the test and see what you could save


  • We take our obligation to tackle wider social and environmental issues seriously
  • We create long term sustainable partnerships
  • We will be a carbon positive company by 2023 – we will put more into the environment than we take out
  • We offset our carbon by 100 tonnes each year