Telematics without the fuss! Telematics is one of the very best ways to keep your drivers safe and vehicles working at their optimum. Of that there is no doubt!

We’re big fans of the outcomes and insight brought by telematics at Driving Down, but it’s the fuss that often goes with it we’re less impressed with… Installation, contracts, software set up etc.

And all that takes time and effort which for you, means less time doing the day job!

Driving Down the Costs of your Fleet

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The real challenge to finding the right telematics solution is identifying the pain points within your business, how you expect telematics to help and the main outcomes you want to achieve. Only when that is clear is it time to consider the options.

Driving Down helps guide you through this process to get to the crux of what the right solution looks like. Need a dot on the map to find your drivers, we can do it. Need advanced AI monitoring cameras to help improve your drivers, we can do it.

Then there’s the contract with a supplier… Are you happy to commit for 3 years or more? Or would you prefer a pay as you go option?

After we’re clear about your needs, then we will know which solution is best for your business.

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Access via a device that suits you:- Mobile, Tablet or Computer

Telematics users reduce their operating costs by 10%

Telematics users reduce the risk of speeding incidents by up to 50%

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Telematics drivers reduce their C02 emissions by up to 15%

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