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We work hard to make sure that our customers get an honest deal from their suppliers, everything that we do puts you first.

Our promise to our customers is complete transparency. Overheads should be a simple, transparent and fair. All of our partners sign up to this ethos and at Driving Down we work 365 days a year to make sure that your deal remains fair and always works for your business.

But you don’t have to take our word for it…. see what our customers say

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We signed up to Driving Down in July and by August, they had not only saved our business nearly £20k per but they had also managed to secure us a credit back for £2,376 from our supplier. My thanks to Joe and the team.

We joined Driving Down in May and in June we had already saved over £480, they told us to let them prove themselves to us and they did just that! Also, the work done behind the scenes to facilitate further savings by helping us identify and change driver’s habits and mindsets is set to increase the savings dramatically going forward. Finally, experts within the Fuel industry that works with our business interests at heart.

Using fuel cards had always been a big hassle for us, every week the price seems to go up, charges get applied without your knowledge and depending on how busy we are we don’t always have time to address it with our suppliers. I have calculated that since joining Driving Down in March 2021 they have reduced my BP price by 13p per litre and my Keyfuels price by 9p per litre, by negotiating my price every week.

They step in on my behalf when my price doesn’t move in line with the fuel market and had they not stepped in week on week it’s staggering to think what my price would be today, it’s surprising just how quickly the fuel card suppliers can increase the price when they have an opportunity to do so every week. Over the course of the year on the volume of diesel we use, this saving amounts to thousands.

The service they provide is invaluable to us and it gives me more time to concentrate on what I should be concentrating on – running my business!

In just one month we have saved £285, that is over £3,000 per year. What more can we say, if you want savings back in your business like this just give them a go, so glad we did

By joining Driving Down, we have seen a huge annual saving of over £10,050. After lockdown this type of saving and service is exactly what we needed. More companies should speak to Driving Down and see what they can save them

We’ve been with Driving Down for a month now and in that time, they have got both our providers prices down & also managed to get our card fees and charges credited back and removed from our account. This is a real cost and time saver for our business.

We joined driving Down in March 2021. We received a phone call from one of their team offering a free health check on our fuelling solution and our fuelcard pricing. After emailing a few invoices from our fuel card suppliers to Driving Down it transpired we were paying way over the odds for our fuel.

Driving Down explained how much they could save me and how they would do it, they took control of my fuel card account with my existing suppliers and before long the prices dropped through the floor, pretty much halving my weekly fuel bills. They also managed to remove several extra monthly fees from the account that had been added on.

I wasn’t comfortable continuing to give my business to a company that had been ripping me off for years so I asked Nicholle at Driving Down if she could source me a new provider. Within a few weeks I had identical cards in hand from one of Driving Downs partners.

It’s comforting to have a team of experts in your corner who know their stuff and clearly have our best interests at heart, unlike others I could mention!

We receive an email on Friday to let us know what to expect with our pricing the following week, our invoices are checked weekly and best of all they analyse our drivers fuelling behaviour and suggest ways we can save more money by using certain sites instead. By making a few small tweaks with our drivers we are now saving even more.

To anyone who isn’t sure whether they are getting a good deal on their fuel card pricing I can’t recommend the team at Driving Down highly enough, they have saved us a fortune, they are a friendly bunch and are extremely easy to deal with, and I have peace of mind that our fuel card pricing will never get out of hand again.

Since starting to deal with Driving Down everything has been straight forward and the savings made can be seen already. Also being able to arrange fuel cards through you guys meaning all our fuel solutions are through one supplier now everything is much easier and has been such a smooth transition.

‘Now in our third month with Driving Down and along with over £1,000 in savings so far, it’s amazing to have someone else dealing with our account and not having to worry about it’

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